How to Hire an NFL Agent

March 01, 2021

By BR Staff

How to Hire an NFL Agent
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Whether you’re new to the game or a seasoned pro, shopping for a new rep can be overwhelming. But with these pro tips, you’ll be quicker than fast when it comes to the competition.

Now that it’s almost NFL draft season, we thought we’d drop some knowledge on you as to how to find the best sports agent. For the bevy of players who have already secured great representation, you’ve undoubtedly used similar principles. For those who did not, you’ll be shopping for a new rep soon, so take note.

The NFL draft process is important to understand.

When you’re trying to make the cut, you need to keep in mind there are going to be sixty players who think they can but only seventeen who actually will. You can’t afford to make any mistakes. Strategy is key. So you, along with your agent, had better have a great plan. If the agent you’re considering can’t outline one, doesn’t have one, or doesn’t have the experience necessary to articulate one, then he’s probably not your guy.

Eighty percent of the decision to draft players is based on the strength of their game tape.

A truly great agent will make decisions for you based on injuries, training and, most importantly, what you’re going to participate in and when. For example, do you run your forty at the combine? Do you run it on your pro day? Or do you not run at all because you’re slow as shit? There’s a lot of strategy involved that an agent can only determine from experience.

Teams, pundits and draft-board gurus will complain and blame the agents, but they aren’t looking out for you or your best interests.

Your job then is to find out which agents have navigated the draft successfully. There’s a short list of guys who are going to be really good at this. Ultimately, you’ll need to go with your gut. But first ask yourself: Who do you like the best? Can you vibe with them? Are they going to work their ass off for you? Can you trust them with your career? How about your life? Because that’s what this is. Your long-term goal should be to develop a relationship with your rep outside of football. This is a relationship that needs to last not for eight years, but eighteen — a relationship that’s going to protect you in the face of adversity and agent adiveOnce you’ve got their answers, consider: Who do you think is lying the least? Who can you trust the most? Who can you connect with that will kick ass? If you can, narrow down your selections to your top three.

But remember, most reps will simply tell you what you want to hear. What they say generally ends up not being true. So if an agent tells you, “If you sign with me I’ll get you drafted higher,” don’t sign with him. Any agent that tells a player he can get them drafted higher will be the very first one ever to do so!